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Enna is an Italian municipality of 26.755 inhabitants. It was called Castrogiovanni until 1927, the year in which it resumed the ancient name of Enna. It is known for being the highest provincial capital in Italy, due to the altitude of the inhabited center which stands at 931 m at the Town Hall, and it […]
Syracuse is a city on the Ionian coast of Sicily, known for the ruins of antiquity. The central Archaeological Park of Neapolis contains the Roman amphitheatre, the Greek Theater and the Ear of Dionysius, a cave carved out of limestone in the shape of a human ear. The Regional Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi displays terracotta […]
A dip in the past and in the history of the city of Syracuse, through the rediscovery of fascinating passages and underground caves that, connecting the island of Ortigia to the sea After more than a year of shutdown, due to closure due to restoration and maintenance work, the Hypogeum of Piazza Duomo in Syracuse, […]
Ragusa is located in the heart of Val di Noto, in the south east of Sicily, and is the capital of the southernmost province of Italy. Immersed in a territory rich in natural and architectural beauties to visit, the city rises on the Iblei Mountains and is located next to the course of the Irminio […]